Day #2 KTHT 15-day writing challenge: Strength born of adaptability

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I choose you, but which came first, you or I?
You stand tall for 6,000 years in your splendor
I am but a speck of flesh among your hot sands
It’s to you I am returned, older, more attuned to your song

You make me disoriented, sacred chaos born of love & longing
I draw from your vortex, a magnetic fissure, an opening into eternity
Your lands stretch into time and space without end
I am swallowed whole by your essence, willingly

I am returned, renewed by the fire yet grounded in my center
We share a dance, you & I…

The answer to the riddle is yours to solve

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Friday Prompt for the 7-day self-reflection marathon: How can you keep your heart open in a world that keeps giving you reasons to close it? Why would you?

Stephen King’s novella turned movie, Shawshank Redemption, has a line that goes, “Get busy living or get busy dying.”

Life is a prison for many.

The film takes place in a prison, but the main character doesn't see it that way.

He’s able to see beyond the limits of his eyes.

People say life is a gift. But unless you see it that way, you don’t believe it.

The impulse to survive…

Your life is up to you now

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Tuesday Prompt for the 7-day self-reflection marathon: How can you heal the parts of you that hold resentment for being forced to grow up too fast and pick up responsibility where others should’ve?

This prompt speaks to me, but it also overwhelms me. Sifting through the events that made me grow up fast is a blur.

My mother started letting me get drunk & high at home when I was 15. She reasoned it would be safer at home if I would be doing it anyway. She also let my friends do the same.

At sixteen, she started buying me…

Is your shadow self a monster to be avoided?

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Studies show that 73% of men and 66% of women fantasize about killing someone. And it’s normal — as long as you don’t act on it. Say hello, to your shadow. Good people do evil things, and bad people do noble deeds. It’s why we love infamous characters like Dexter, the serial killer with a heart who kills killers.

None among us are immune to dark thoughts and urges. They form in the guise of violence, sexual desires, deceit, guilt, shame, and irrational fears. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung describes the personality we choose to repress or reject, our “shadow self.”

You might not write better, but you become a better writer in the process

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Writing Challenge KTHT Day 8: Overcoming obstacles with gentle determination

Over the last few months, I’ve taken a liking to writing challenges. Mainly because I’m keenly aware writing on demand is a skill I need to develop. Also, I’m competitive with the old version of me, who didn't see the value in personal challenges.

It’s difficult for me to separate the purpose of a writing challenge, which is to write and publish, instead of writing how I normally do — write and judge.

Typically, I spend a few days on a piece. But a writing challenge urges you to write…

Are you a control monster?

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Day 7 KTHT 15-day writing challenge: Relinquishing the need to control

Power and control are to adulting like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are to childhood. It’s hard not to want them.

Yet, here we are.

Society says balance your day, be a high-performing human — career, school, family, friends, health, hobbies, giving back, social media, entertainment, spiritual life, personal development, and the list goes on.

It would help if you got your life under control, you think to yourself. But, in fact, you recycle this mantra constantly.

When you're not in control, your thoughts, emotions, and actions have a mind of their own. So how…

Day #6 KTHT 15-day writing challenge: A positive state of appreciation

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Shockingly, statistics say a whopping 80% of our thoughts are negative, and we replay them 95% of the time.

Um, what? Ugh.

Science says we’re hardwired towards negativity & rumination as we replay a running loop of bad experiences from the past.

Why do we do this when it feels terrible? Let’s take a look.

The brain chemistry war

Your brain is engaged in a cortisol vs. dopamine battle to the death. The brain releases its juices based on patterns. If most of your thoughts are negative, your brain brings on the cortisol and then craves more. Yikes.

Your brain remembers

Some say evolution steers us towards…

Day 5: KTHT 15-day writing challenge: Saying no to disruptive influences

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So many shiny things, so little time to enter into debauchery with them. Of course, there's always the middle ground, balance — of which I’ve yet to master.

Life’s sensuality has a way of casting a spell, and often we go willingly.

But what happens when you're working hard on finding your center and trying to live life in a more balanced way? What then?

There's not much that can throw me off track save for one sneaky enchantress— romance!

I can hear love’s sweet song coming from 10 miles East, and by the time cupid has launched his arrow…

Day #3 KTHT 15-day writing challenge: The power to consciously project your energy

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If I obsess over what I don't have, I get more of it. Bottom line — what you focus on grows. The power to consciously project your energy is essentially what I think we’re doing here as a human species.

One of the most profound ways we project our energy is through achieving goals. The last 3 years have been a massive growth chapter in my life. I’ve manifested goals that only come with the time commitment it takes to see them through.

It was downright brutal. I’ve always been a short-term goal sort of girl.

Not anymore.

I’m playing…

Wendy S. Bradfield

A cosmos-driven writer of broken dreams with a motivational flair. I write about love, life, and what happens in-between.

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