And avoid the “You just haven't found the right one” discussion.

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I’ve dated Mr. Right more than once. And I’ve dated Mr. Right Now a few times too. I consider myself lucky in love, not because any relationship lasted forever, but because I’ve been in love more than not.

Are you unlucky in love if it doesn’t last until the zombie apocalypse? I think not.

We all know people who are always in a relationship, and frankly, I’m more concerned about those folks.

How do they know who they are apart from their mate? That’s one of my biggest challenges with intimacy.

I lose myself completely.

Another sticky bit about romantic…

A poem

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You are a difficult lover
Moody, loud, and unpredictable
Please, never change

Every day, a new initiation
Every series of movements, a dance to master
Every exchange, a cosmic explosion

I long for that which surrounds me
Yet, your pulse is deep within me
You pause for no man, woman, child, or other

An elixir for life, you are
A recipe for transformation
An incantation rooted in time — revealed by shifting sands

Neither tombs nor time shall part us
Neither man nor beast can sway us
Neither fear nor doubt will conquer us

It is I, your devotee

A poem of anticipation

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I want to pour myself over you
Move into the hidden spaces where sacred secrets lie
I take you inside my chest where a fire burns the foot of my soul

Purified, deified, gilded in gold
I dance no matter the tune
Shall we interpret our rhythm or leave it for the gods?

You notice the diadem upon my brow
Even the pale night moon sings for me when I let it
How will you enchant me?

For I am made of unspoken elements
Perhaps I will delight you with a canopy of stars
But where do they lead, you…

Why I moved back to Egypt for good

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I managed to grab the last luggage cart at the airport, but sadly, the thing wouldn’t budge. The great thing about Egypt is five people come to your aid as soon as you flash that I’m a weary traveler and I need help look.

I knew my cart wouldn’t roll, but I let 4 or 5 guys try. Each pushed it just enough until I spotted my driver holding a “Miss Wendy” sign. The poor guy waited for 3 hours before I showed up, and I was grateful.

I knew he’d be there because Egyptians rarely give up.

The Cairo…

Tips on what to expect and how to prepare

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Congratulations on your first trip to Egypt! Here are 15 tips to get you started on what to expect and how to prepare. From what to wear and when to bargain, you will be ready for the trip of a lifetime.

1. Do they speak English in Egypt?

Yes, and many other languages are widely spoken, and the primary language, Egyptian Arabic. But learning some basic Arabic goes a long way in helping you communicate, and it shows respect.

Beyond that, it’s so much fun chatting with Egyptians as they are lively conversationalists!

2. Should I bargain for everything?

Bargaining is expected in bazaars like Khan el-Khalil; otherwise, prices are set in grocery…

The pros and cons of both

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To book a tour or not to book a tour your first trip to Egypt. Perhaps you think I’ve been nomadic forever; there’s no way I’m about to show up looking like a tourist now.

And, you may be right, especially if you speak Arabic, are a man, and are familiar with the culture.

But if you don’t speak Arabic, are female, and are not familiar with the culture, you may want to reconsider.

But wait, There’s more!

There are pros & cons to both booking a tour and winging it on your own. …

Covid — 19 travel tips for carry — on

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

Covid — 19 has changed the way we travel, and here you will find updated TSA tips to help you plan and prepare. These tips focus on how to go through security with your carry-on items. Here you will find recent changes that will be updated regularly to reflect the current TSA rules and regulations.

Post-pandemic travel is a jungle out there, so do your research and don’t be left behind. These tips will get you started on the right foot.

Let’s have a look!

1. Liquids, gels, and squishy stuff

You are now allowed to bring a 12 oz bottle of hand sanitizer and or…

Music & dance in daily life

Photo by British Museum

History and importance

Music and dance were highly valued in ancient Egypt. Music and dance were considered a vital part of creation, communicating with the gods and expressing all manner of life and death.

The first illustrations of dance in ancient Egypt come from scenes in Old Kingdom tombs of performers associated with funerals. Elaborate scenes of festivals and funerals depict the significant role of song and dance. No occasion was complete without it to facilitate the experience.


Dancers performed at festivals, religious temples, feasts, and more. …

Prayers for the gods

Photo by author

Allow me to lavish your wig with scented oils and place garlands of sweet lotus around your neck. These were among the first duties towards guests in ancient Egypt.

Was it simply vanity that drove King Tutankhamun to have his coffin smelted in gold Isis wings with all manner of precious stones?

From beginning to end, ancient Egyptians represented their gods with every action. Whether hauling limestone blocks to build the pyramids or anointing the heads of guests in the royal court with oils, the invocation of the gods was paramount.

Daily rituals were neither vain nor fanatical but an…

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A cosmos-driven Cairo, Egypt-based writer of broken dreams with a motivational flair. I write about love, life, and travel. Check me out at

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